Pictures and a Video from Our Museums

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Picture of the front of the restored train station at the History Center in the early summer of 2020.

Train Station at the History Center

The train station was built in 1895 and still stands where it was built albeit with no trains to serve. It was repainted with its original colors this year.

1914 photo of the Manville iron bridge over the Indian-Kentuck Creek.

Manville Iron Bridge

1914 photo of Pratt through truss iron bridge over the Indian-Kentuck Creek in Manville, IN. Believed built in the ca. 1890. It's been replaced.

Photo taken in 1940 of people walking on the frozen Ohio River, Madison, Indiana

Ice on the Ohio River

It hasn't happened recently, but at one time it was fairly common for the river to freeze over. This photo was taken from the Kentucky side in 1940. People dressed more formally then.

The H. E. Spann general store in Mannville, Indiana in 1914.

Spann Store in Manville

This is a 1914 photo of the H. E. Spann General Store in Mannville, IN. The people are H. E. Spann, George Harley, Sarah Harley, Lena Harley, David Harley and P. Harley.

Picture of a plaster bust of Major Sam Woodfill.

Bust of Major Samuel Woodfill

This plaster bust of Maj. Sam Woodfill, WWI Medal of Honor Recipient, is the work of local artist Donna Weaver. In 2018 Donna sculpted the original clay bust from which this plaster cast was made. There is more information about Ms. Weaver and Maj. Woodfill in our museum.

Picture of the station bell from the 1949 train station.

Station Bell

The bell was cast at the Garret Foundry of Cincinnati, Ohio and was installed in the cupola of the newly constructed passenger depot in 1849. Learn how the bell was used and why it is cracked by visiting our restored-in-place 1895 train station museum at the History Center.

Photo of drum from the civil was.

Civil War Drum

This drum was used by the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Drummer boys ranged in age from 12 to 17 years old. It was manufactured by the Babb Co. of New Albany, IN. It, along with other Civil War history, is on display in our museum.

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