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Freshly painted caboose.


Butterfly garden.

 Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

The History Center relies heavily on volunteers. In fact it would be fair to say that the center could not completely function without the volunteers who work so hard there. And while we have some volunteers already, there is always room for more. Here is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities available.

* Being a greeter for the museum and railroad station - a chance to make guests feel welcome and to share some history of Jefferson County and the City of Madison.

* Helping around the History Center campus - there is always sprucing up to do around the grounds.

* Helping in the collections department - identifying, sorting, labeling and cataloging artifacts that are donated to the Historical Society is an on-going task.

* Helping with special events - acting as docents during the Madison in Bloom garden tour, working the History Center booth during Chautauqua weekend and being greeters during the Nights Before Christmas candlelight tour are some of the opportunities in this area.

* Helping in the library and archives - for those who like to pore through, interpret, transcribe, index and catalog old documents and records, this is a golden opportunity.

Two of our heroes - To the right are pictures of two outstanding volunteers for 2016. Mike Moore has spent countless hours cataloging JPG materials, and in 2016 he also planted a butterfly garden in front of the red caboose. In the early summer of 2016 Mike Raley single-handedly washed, primed and repainted the red caboose. They are super guys and super volunteers.

* Internships - over the last few years the Historical Society has had the privilege of hosting interns from high schools and colleges. We enjoy working with these interns, and we make a strong effort to insure that their internships are beneficial for them as well as for us. Judging by the feedback from the interns and by the products that they have produced, we believe we have been successful in reaching that goal.

For more information about volunteer or internship opportunities please contact John Nyberg, Director.


Mike Moore
2016 co-recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.


J. Michael Raley
2016 co-recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.