History for the Future

Our Audio - Video Section

Recognizing that audio and video recordings, like photographs and old documents, are an  important part of the history of Jefferson County, we have been t​aking steps to preserve those recordings that we have and to add more to our collection. That m​eans we have been digitizing older cassette tapes, and it means that we have been activiely making new recordings.

Some of the recordings are of music and some are of interviews with people who have made an impact on the community. Some are audio files to which we have added some still pictures so that you might see who is preforming or who is being interviewed.

This is a work in progress, so please check back to see what we have added.

Lonesome Valley Boys

This recording is of the Lonesome Valley Boys made by Indiana University as part of the Clifty Falls Folk Arts project in the early 1980's. The Lonesome Valley Boys were a local Jefferson County bluegrass band. This "video" is an audio recording combined with photos of the group.

A Couple of Songs
Dr. Modisett Interview Excerpts

These are excerpts from the interviews of Dr. Marcella Modisett done by Lee Rogers in 2006. These are just a few minutes from the hours that were recorded.

Interview Excerpts