History for the Future

Research Library

Hours of Operation

The research library is open by appointment only. Until further notice face masks will be required for those who want to use the research library and will be made available for those who do not have their own. 
Please email research@jchshc.org to arrange an appointment.

Schedule of Fees for In-person use

  • Use of the library - $5.00 for non-members, free for members
  • Photocopies - $.50 per page for non-members, $.25 per page for members
  • Use of own camera / scanner - $5.00 flat fee for non-members, free for members

Fees for Online/Mail/Telephone Requests

Please note that we will not undertake any research requests without a prior clear understanding and acknowledgement of the fees.

  • Minimum fee for up to the first hour - $15.00
  • Research for each hour or partial hour after the first - $15.00
  • Photocopies - $.50 per page
  • Postage and handling - $5.00
  • Scanning and digital transmission of materials - $5.00 for up to 20 pages

Types of Mateials Available in the Research Library

  • family history files ranging from one-page obituaries to multi-page books of family histories
  • maps such as the 1854 plat map of Madison
  • newspaper articles
  • older government records
  • books
  • 20,000+ photo, most of which are digitized
  • online access to genealogy websites
  • online access to newspaper archives

JCHS Indexes

We have been able to index many of the collections held in the research library. These are available for your review in pdf and/or Word or Excel formats so they are searchable.


Other Resources

Indiana Magazine of History

This is a scholarly, quarterly journal published continuously since 1905. It has a searchable, online index.


Indiana State Library

The Indiana State Library has an extensive collection of materials about Indiana history.


Indiana Historical Society

The Indiana Historical Society in Indanapolis has an extensive research library with much information online.


Pay for Service

Scanning/Digital Delivery

The fee for scanning and digital delivery of services is $5.00 for up to 20 pages. We use a donate button so postage, handling and taxes are not added.

Research / Hourly Basis

The minimum research fee is $15.00 for up to the first hour. The fee is $15.00 for each hour or partial hour after the first. We use a donate button so postage, handling and taxes are not added.

Photo Copies

Photo copies are $.50 per page. Postage and handling is $5.00.

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