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Lucky Year

"Young Liddy and Asa White are thrilled to go on a hog drive all the way to and from Colimbus, Indiana, in 1851. Hogs were a very important commodity, providing food, jobs, and income for many local families. Along the journey, they hear stories of a famous opera singer, Jenny Lind. Wht an accomplishment it would be to have her sing in their small town! Arrangements are made with P. T. Barnum, but it will take a good hog year to bring the "Swedish Nightingale" to sing in Madison." The book is 103 pages, soft-cover, 8.5" x 11".


Newly created at the History Center

7 activities in one suitcase

Unplugged - Hands on - Self contained -
Easily shipped - Great for family activities - Fantastic for kids to do alone?! 

A great way for kids to learn about the history of Jefferson County with hands-on activities. A cardboard suitcase full of fun and learning is available at the History Center. 
The suitcase includes:
Quilt Kit:  Needle, thread, pins, 9 quilt squares, 1 piece quilt backing, 2 sewing practice squares.
Tic Tac Toe Game bag:   Fabric, yarn for drawstring, buttons for playing pieces.
Weaving Kit:  Cardboard loom, yarn, plastic needle.
Quilt Block Puzzle Kit:  9 wooden blocks, crayons, paper patterns.
Wood Kit:  Kit (varies), paint, paintbrush.
Rocks and Fossils Info:  Fossil ID chart, where to find local fossils, modeling clay for making imprints.
Butterflies chart:  Butterfly ID chart.
Miscellaneous Supplies:  Scissors, glue.
Coupon:  Buy one, get one free ice cream cone from Scoops Ice Cream.

(Age 8+  Contains small parts)

Created by JCHS Eduction Department, JoAnne Spiller, Director


1854 Map Book of Madison, IN

Map book of Madison, Indiana, dated 1854. The maps were originally surveyed and published by Hart & Mapother and show the parcel outlines as well as building footprints. The book is 24 pages, comb-bound, 11″ x 17″.


1878 Plat Map Book for Jefferson County, IN

Plat maps for the year 1878 originally published by S. W. Briggs & Co. with maps of Jefferson County and Graham, Hanover, Lancaster, Madison, Milton, Monroe, Republican, Saluda, Shelby, Smyrna Townships, the City of Madison and historical information.
Creator: Vivian L. Shatley
The map book is comb-bound, 34 pages, 11″ x 17″.


1886 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Book for Madison, IN

Sanborn fire insurance maps for Madison, Indiana, dated 1886. The maps show the building footprints on the parcels in the City of Madison. The map book is 9 pages, comb-bound, 11″ x 17″.