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The following are indexes to materials that are available in the research library of the History Center. They are available in PDF format or in Word or Excel format so they are easily searched.

Family History Files

Our family history files consist of hundreds of file folders with information about individual families. The folders contain items such as obituaries, newspaper articles, letters, pictures and documents. These are not static files; they are updated periodically with information being added to existing family folders and new files being created.

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Fauna Mihalko Collection

Fauna Mihalko was a genealogist at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library for many years. While at the library she put together a majo​r collection of family history information focused on Jefferson County. Similar to our Family History Files, the Fauna Mihalko collection contains obituaries, letters, newspaper clippings, letters and correspondence Ms. Mihlako amassed while doing her research.

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Jae Breitweiser Collection

Jae Breitweiser and Dotty Reindollar purchased Eleutherian College in​ Lancaster, IN to save it from destruction. In 1997 it was designated a National Historic Landmark. The college played an important role in the underground railroad, which prompted Ms. Breitw​eiser to do extensive research on the topic. The result of that research is a very large collection of materials covering the following subjects: black genealogy, white genealogy, underground railroad, anti-slavery, black history, Eleutherian College, Jefferson County, IN history, Indiana history, United States history, Thomas Jefferson descendants, record (census, registration, slave holdings, etc.) and other research/contacts.

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Apprenticeship Records

These apprenticeship records were originally compiled by Mary Hill, probably from court records. Ms. Hill’s records were transcribed by Robert Scott in 2000.

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